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We live in a world in today's digital world; data has become extremely important. Not just big corporates and small businesses, individuals also have massive volumes of personal data now that holds a considerable significance in their lives. So, if something happens to this data, it's natural that you would want to go with the best data recovery service provider, one like Stellar!

Stellar data recovery has gained the reputation for being one of the most reliable and affordable data recovery services providers across the globe for many valid reasons. For starters, we understand that to offer best-in-class recovery services to our clients we must have the top data experts in our company, which we duly practice without fail. We also go to great lengths to maintain an infrastructure that has the right environment and is replete with all the tools and technologies that can help us achieve the maximum recovery rate. Stellar data recovery services are now available in Dhaka, Bangladesh.

Stellar is a leading data recovery service provider for external hard disk, RAID, SD Cards, Memory cards, laptop/desktop, and SSD drives. Our data recovery specialists have experience of working on all types of storage media devices, can recover from all makes & models.

Awarded CIO Choice 2019for Best Data Recovery Services

Our Strength

  • 3 Million+ Satisfied Customer
  • 8000+ Partners Worldwide
  • In Lab Data Recovery Service Provider
  • Strong Presence in USA, Europe & Asia
  • Microsoft Gold ISV Partner
  • ISO/IEC 27001 & ISO 9001 certified

Service Advantages

  • No Recovery, No Charge* Policy
  • Accurate Efficient and Reliable
  • 50,000+ Service Jobs Annually
  • World Class Infrastructure of Class 100 Clean Room Labs
  • Risk Free, Privacy Ensured
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Our Experience Speaks for Itself

Stellar performs 50,000+ sucessful service jobs every year and has served more than 3 million individuals and businesses in different corners of the world to this date. Many of these, in fact, decide to stick with us and keep coming back whenever they need a reliable data recovery service provider. Apart from data recovery services, our Data Recovery Software programs are also top-rated and are downloaded more than 300,000 times every month!

Our Pillars of Success

Emphasis on Safety and Security

At Stellar, we believe in maintaining full privacy of our customer's data. After all, you trust us with your information and we can't jeopardize that trust for any reason.

Regular audits of our data recovery services is done by internal and external auditors. This helps us in improving our security measures, and we always ensures that all your data is safe and private. We encourage our customers to visit our facility in Dhaka and check our audits reports as a proof of our reliability and security

Knowledge Translates to Power

Without a sound understanding of various kinds of storage devices such as hard drives and RAID servers, etc. it's not possible to deliver top-quality service. Even more importantly, the achievable success rate in this scenario will always be low. At Stellar, we understand this very well, which is why we offer a comprehensive and in-depth training for all our employees. We also have a state-of-the-art infrastructure that has helped us become a premium data recovery company in the country.

Efforts for Maximum Recovery

We understand how valuable your data is to you. This is why we take all kinds of measures to extract close to 100% of the data that's deleted or corrupted. For instance, we have our own Class 100 Clean Room lab which offers a controlled and safe environment for our engineers to perform the recovery processes. They are also required to wear the proper clothing in the lab complete with a lab coat, gloves, boots, and eye gear for minimum risk.

Our Corporate Clients

Stellar Data Recovery Process

During the initial consultation, Our data recovery experts will take down your case details

Step 1
Free phone consultation

Free phone consultation

Step 2
Media Analysis

Media Analysis

Step 3
Data recovery Process

Data Recovery & Verification

Step 4
Data Delivery

Data Delivery


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