The Risk Associated with Free Data Recovery Software

Always check the value of your data before opting for a free data recovery software or solutions.

We use storage media devices for a variety of purposes. We keep our business data on our computers and personal data on our laptops. Even the best of the brands can’t guarantee the safety of the data at all times. There are many reasons a hard drive can fail or lose data such as:

  • Virus infection
  • Power surges
  • User errors.
  • Creating a hard drive partition in a wrong manner.
  • Extensive usage that abrades the hard drive platter.

Trusted data recovery company like Stellar, can help you to recover data from the worst cases. So, free or cheap solutions can have serious ramifications.

Dangers of Free Data Recovery Software.

There are all kinds of free data recovery software on the Internet that you can download and use. But, they are available free for a reason. The following are some of the risks involved in using a free data recovery software:

Hidden Add-Ons:

A vast number of free data recovery software come with hidden malware, adware etc..While some of these programs create inconvenience as they replace your default settings. Others are more dangerous software programs like “Spyware” that can steal personal information.

Data Loss with Partial Recovery:

The free data recovery software is usually technically limited in its functionality. So, there is an excellent chance that you will recover only a limited part of the data.  This is because when the software comes across a bad sector while scanning the hard drive. It may either skip the sector or freezes that halts the data recovery process.

Privacy Issues:

Will, you ever share your photos and videos, documents, emails, etc. with anyone? Then how can you trust a free software that’s not widely recognized or even have a reputation in the industry?

One can’t be sure that a free recovery software will respect privacy and not share files online to anyone.

Dangers of DIY Data Recovery Solutions

When a hard drive is dead, you can’t use a software to recover the data. Instead, you need to contact a data recovery professional. The following are some of the common symptoms of hard drive failure:

  • The system won’t boot
  • Strange clicking or grinding sounds.
  • Overheating.
  • BIOS doesn’t detect the hard drive.

To save money, a lot of people try to repair a dead hard disk themselves.  For a laymen, it impossible to operate dead hard disk a normal environment, it can cause data loss. Following are some of the dangers of a DIY data recovery approach:

Environmental Risks

Disassembling a hard drive in an unregulated environment is a recipe for disaster.  The magnetic platter on the hard disk must be protected from dust and other contaminant.  In fact, a few dust particles are enough to damage the files permanently.

The ideal solution for a hard disk recovery is under a controlled room called “Class 100 Clean Room Lab“.  This facility is available with well-established data recovery service providers.

Further Damage

If you are trying to open a hard disk, you may end up damaging the platter. You can end up creating more scratches on the platter than it had before you opened it with the screwdriver. You may also damage a component that aggravates the problem.

Deceiving Freezer Trick

A major misconception that storing a dead hard disk in the freezer for few hours can bring it back to life. This is a hoax and can further damage the hardware.

100% Safe and Secure Data Recovery Solutions

If you don’t want to risk losing your precious data permanently, then don’t fall prey to cheap and dangerous software.  Instead, pick a product that’s well-tested and engineered to recover 100% data in the safest manner possible.

Stellar Windows Data Recovery is a premium data recovery software that you can use for recovering the data quickly and easily. If you want to retrieve data from a dead or physically damaged hard drive, then you can avail Stellar’s data recovery services. We have certified “Class 100 clean room labs“, skilled data recovery engineers, and tools for successful data recovery. The following points highlight what stellar data recovery Bangladesh is all about:

  • Over 2 Million Satisfied Customers.
  • Strong Presence in USA, Europe & Asia.
  • Microsoft Gold ISV Partner.
  • ISO/IEC 27001 & ISO 9001 certified.
  • Recovery success rate of 95%.
  • 35000+ Data Recovery Jobs Annually.
  • World Class Infrastructure of Class 100 Clean Room Labs.
  • Risk-Free, Privacy Ensured.

When it comes to data recovery, it’s never a good idea to take a gamble. Only a professional experts has the experience to work on a damaged hard disk.  Also, guarantee’s data recovery from damaged hard disk

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