Data Recovery from a Dead Hard Disk

Hardware failure is a common issue that occurs in computer systems. While this can be difficult to deal with, it isn’t always impossible to recover from. Hard disk drives are highly susceptible to issues such as data loss because of hard drive failure. If you are dealing with a dead hard disk, then you may need to consult a recovery specialist so that you don’t lose any valuable data. We recommend that you don’t try to fix your drive by yourself as this could increase the extent of the damage. Instead, understand that hard disk recovery is best left to the experts. The entire situation can be quite frustrating, especially when you don’t have a backup of your vital information. Read on to find out how you can have your data recovered from a dead hard disk.

Types of Hardware Failures

Before you start trying to recover data from a dead hard disk, you should first identify the type of hard drive failure you are dealing with. Typically, there are three types of failure for which you require hard disk recovery services.

These are:

1) Electrical Failure

When there are faulty electric circuits or if a printed circuit board has failed, it can lead to data being inaccessible, especially on hard disk drives. Other reasons behind electrical damages are power strikes, short circuits, and wire damages.

To identify whether your hardware has been affected due to electrical failure, the two main signals are:

– Electricity is passing through the drive, but it’s not working.

– There is a minor clicking sound at the point of connection between the PC and the hard drive.

2) Mechanical Failure

This is the most common type of failure which occurs due to regular wear and tear of the drive. Magnetic hard drives face a higher risk of encountering this kind of failure. This can occur due to reasons such as manhandling and negligence as well.

There are two ways to tell if this is causing damage to your hard disk drive:

– Not hearing any sound as the drive is completely dead.

– Hearing grinding sounds upon connecting it to the PC.

3) Firmware Failure

Classified as a software problem, this usually happens when the firmware code is disrupted. Due to this, the interaction between the PC and the hard disk drive is interrupted or hindered. Corruption due to a virus can cause this kind of failure, also any system malfunctioning can also be the reason for firmware failure.

Two signs are:

– The hard disk drive is unrecognized.

– Booting results in a hard disk drive freeze.

How to Recover Data from Dead Hard Disk?

If you have lost data due to any of the reasons mentioned above, there is no need to panic. There are ways to recover data from dead hard disk drives too.

Step 1: Stop Working on the Dead Hard Disk

The first thing you need to do is to stop working on your hard drive. The moment you realize that the drive has stopped working, disconnect the drive from the PC. Trying to resolve a dead hard drive on your own may cause further damage to it. Instead, take your hard drive to a professional data recovery service provider who will help you recover any data that you may have lost.

Step 2: Check for Various Sounds and Signs

The sound that your hard disk makes will determine the extent of recovery options required. While it is normal to hear occasional clicking sounds, you should be on the lookout for noises that you have never heard before. If you hear a repeated clicking noise, it could mean that the hard drive platters are damaged. Similarly, a scratching noise could mean that the drive head has crashed. Furthermore, squeals and broken noises are indicative of a damaged disk drive head. These are some cases where you will need a professional’s guidance in diagnosing the issue and arriving at a solution.

Check out the different sounds of hard disk: 

Clicking Heads Noise

Dead Heads Noise

Torn Heads Noise

Scratch Noise

Stuck Motor Noise

Step 3: Try Basic Troubleshooting

You can try to perform basic troubleshooting procedures by yourself. If you have an external hard disk, then it is easy to unplug and replace the cable so that you can connect it to another PC or laptop. Troubleshooting from internal; hard disk drive is a tough task.  You will first need to remove it from your Mac or PC and then get a cable converter to use it as an external drive.

Get the Help of a Data Recovery Expert

Therefore, if everything else fails, the best option is to reach out to a professional data recovery service provider to recover data from the dead hard disk.  This is especially true if you are dealing with hard disk failures. Stellar Data Recovery Bangladesh specializes in providing data recovery services for all hard disk drive models in a reliable and affordable manner. They guarantee to recover lost your lost data be it due to a virus, physical damage, human errors, or natural disasters.  Because hard disk recovery is a complicated work and requires a  controlled environment called Class 100 Clean Room lab, this ensures data recovery from hard disk is safe and data recovery is 100 %. Furthermore,  this is to state the importance of class 100 clean room, any hard disk operated out lab will be of no use and data will be lost forever.

Dead Hard Disk Recovery

Taking Preventive Measures

Likewise, you don’t always have to wait until your hard disk drive crashes to do something about it. Therefore, there are preventive measures that can help you detect signs of failure beforehand. Some of these include sudden noises, constant error messages, and repeated crashes.

If any of these has happened to you, the best measure you can take is to create a backup of the data on your secondary drive. Once you do so, keep a copy of your data in a separate location to avoid any physical damage so that, if your hard disk is dead, you don’t have to worry about data loss.

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