How Does Data Recovery Happen in Class 100 Clean Room Lab

Stellar’s High-Tech Class 100 Clean Room Labs are the Ultimate Solution for Safest Data Recovery Operations.

A physical damage to the hard disk drive is a critical issue to deal with. When you experience a data loss due to the logical reasons like virus attack, power failure, and corruption or accidental deletion, you can recover the data with the help of professional data recovery software.

However, in cases about the physically damaged hard drive, data recovery software utilities do not help. You need to get the issue resolved by the reliable data recovery professionals who conduct the data recovery operations only in a Class 100 Clean Room Lab.

What is a Class 100 Clean Room?

Class 100 Clean Room Lab-Stellar

Hard Disk Recovery in Class 100 Clean Room Lab

Mainly used for scientific research, or lab testing and conducting specific lab checks, a Class 100 Clean Room is a controlled and sanitized environment. It’s a highly restricted area and contains 100 particles that are larger than 0.5 microbes in each cubic foot of airspace and has a low level of pollutants – dust, aerosol particles, chemicals, and airborne microbes.

Class 100 clean rooms are a new concept altogether, has an advanced temperature, humidity, pressure, and contaminated controlled environment.

Why and How do Data Recovery Operations Happen in Class 100 Clean Room Labs?

Doubtlessly, if your external hard drive has crashed and you cannot access your crucial data. You need the help of a specialist, who have experience and knowledge of hard drives and can recover data for you.

Why Not Open Hard Drive?

A hard drive platter constitutes of several volatile components that are prone to dust. Once you open hard drive without a clean room environment, you expose the drive to risk as the contaminate will stick to the platter surface.  When you power up the drive, the dust particles are lodged between the read/write heads and the platter. Thus, leading to a head crash in the hard drive.

You can’t fix a hard drive on your own because opening it in a normal environment, will lead to extensive damage.

Here are the reasons to avoid attempting data recovery on crashed hard drive on your own:

  • It’s purely a scientific process and mishandling the hard drive can cause permanent data loss.
  • The external air contains 35,00,000 particles per cubic meter.
  • The hard drive components can affect your eyes. The professionals wear safety glasses while performing the activity.

Hence, to recover data from the hard drives, it is necessary to have the right tools as well as knowledge about the procedure. You can only operate on a hard drive in a restricted area. Stellar Data Recovery is thus, facilitated by state-of-the-art Class 100 Clean Room Lab to help the experts operate on the hard disks in the safest way possible.

Class 100 Clean Room - Stellar

A view of Class 100 Clean Room Lab

At Stellar, the Class 100 Clean Room is available to open and treat damaged computer or laptop hard drives. This is to ensure maximum data recovery and prevent the device from further damages. Working in Class 100 Clean Room Lab is the simplest solution to successful physical data recoveries from hard disk drives.

Wrapping Up

Hard drives are susceptible to physical damage and contain the sensitive data you can’t afford to lose. Working on it requires experience – it is not a layman’s job.

Moreover, most of the companies manufacture the hard drives in Class 100 Clean Rooms. 

Which is another reason to treat them in a similar or sanitized environment when damaged to minimize data loss?

Stellar Data Recovery Bangladesh recommends the users to get their hard drives treated by experts. The data recovery experts will always open a damaged hard drive in a controlled environment of  “Class 100 Clean Room”.  This will ensure the safety and successful recovery of the data that’s very important to you.

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