Hard Drive Recovery: The Importance of Clean Room Lab.

People all around the world use hard disk drives. This makes disk drives a source for vital data. But these drives are very prone to suffering data loss. Dropping your hard drive can damage it and result in data loss. But with data recovery services, all hope isn’t lost. Hard disk drives are made in clean room lab.

In these rooms, the dust level is very low. This prevents faults from occurring during manufacturing. There are three stages of assembly. The first is platter texturing. Then comes head stack assembling. In the last stage, the parts are placed inside the disk chamber.

Data Loss Due to Physical Failure

A physical failure is very common. This is where the system fails to accept the drive. Lack of sounds or constant clicking sounds from the hard drive is two ways to identify this. This occurs due to wear and tear. But, recovery of data after data loss occurring from physical failures is possible in clean room labs.

What is a Clean Room Lab?

Clean Room labs are shielded rooms.  They keep contaminants at bay. Drives can become useless if exposed to dust. This can lead to permanent data loss. This is where clean room labs come into play. These labs provide the perfect environment to perform data recovery. They are specially designed to be free from dust particles.

These Clean rooms labs come in six classes. These range from Class 1 to Class 100,000. Class 10 Clean Room labs are the most common. But, a few data recovery experts use Class 100 Clean Recovery Rooms too. These numbers denote the number of contaminants per cubic foot of air.  For a hard disk, the first step is to open it in a Clean Room Lab.  Then the disassembly and inspection take place. The experts recover data with the help of Stellar’s proprietary software

The Process of Hard Disk Recovery 

Data recovery experts like Stellar Data Recovery follow a strict process while working on hard disk recovery in Bangladesh. They follow a two-step method. The steps are:

Step 1: Initial Diagnosis

Physical damage makes recovery quite tricky. It is vital to know how the damage has occurred. This will help in determining the best way to restore the drive.  We estimate the chances of data recovery. We provide an estimate of time for data recovery
Some possible reasons for failure are:

  • Damaged printed circuit board.
  • Issues with the drive head.
  • Improper function of the drive rotary.
  • Scratches on the platters.

Once identity the issue, we inform the customers about them. Then, the next step is to draw time estimates.

Step 2: Clean Room Lab Operation

Clean Room Lab

Spare Heads in a Clean Room Lab

Skilled experts take the drive to a clean room lab for hard disk recovery.  Spare transplantation is the first task.  We first identify if there is a need for spare. This is done mostly in case of a head crash. A spare head is used which makes the drive functional.  Finally, the experts then proceed with data recovery.

The next step is the cloning process. First and foremost, our experts take an image of the data.  This is to ensure if in case the data recovery fails, we have the image of the drive. And the customer can still have data.

The customer then gets a list of recoverable files. But, if the recovery is unsuccessful, Stellar’s ‘No recovery, No Charge’ policy ensures that customers get their money back.

Finally when the customer first approves this list. The data recovery experts transfer data on a fresh drive. Data delivery is the final stage of the hard disk recovery process. With this, we successfully complete hard disk recovery.

Parting Words

Data loss due to physical failure requires a data recovery specialist. Stellar Data Recovery Bangladesh has ISO-certified Class 100 Clean Room labs. This above all ensures risk-free data recovery. Some key features you can expect at Stellar are:

  • Up to  100% success rate.
  • Strict safety measures to secure data while recovery process.
  • Highly skilled data recovery experts.

So, if you have a damaged drive, lost or corrupt data, then Stellar will be ready to assist you whenever you want.

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