Common Hard Drive Failure Reasons You need to Know!

An instance of a failed hard drive can quickly push you in a “panic mode” as you are left wondering whether you will ever be able to recover the critical files stored on the disk. Unfortunately, hard drive recovery is indeed not easy. When the damage is physical, there is little you can do to recover the files on your own. That said, by approaching a reliable hard disk drive recovery services provider, you do stand a good chance of recovering 100% of the data.

Why do Hard Drives Fail?

A computer comprises a variety of components. Unfortunately, the hard drive is one of the weakest and more likely to fail than others. This is because unlike the processor, motherboard, RAM, etc. which are all purely electronic; a Hard Drive is both electronic and mechanical. Plus, there are many delicate parts inside it which are sensitive to jerks, heat, voltage spikes, etc.

The following are some of the most common reasons behind hard drive failure:

  1. Overheating

While working on a desktop or laptop, some amount of heat is generated. However, it’s dissipated by the exhaust fans installed inside the unit.

If for some reason, these fans fail or become slow, or in case the system is placed in a spot that doesn’t leave enough room for proper airflow, then the temperatures inside the machine can reach dangerous levels and damage the hard drive.

  • System fans (CPU fans, exhaust fans, etc.) stop spinning or spin very slowly
  • Clicking or grinding noises
  1. Abrupt Power Failures

Abrupt power failures are extremely bad for the hard drives. This is because the hard drives are often busy reading and writing data, catering to the virtual memory requirements of a computer, etc. So, when the computer shuts down with the device still handling some data, it can lead to data corruption, or worse- hard drive failure.

  • System BIOS doesn’t show the hard drive in the list of connected devices
  • The hard drive doesn’t make the typical whirring noise (an indicator of a functioning magnetic platter)
  1. Mechanical Failure

As mentioned earlier, a hard disk drive is highly sensitive to jolts and physical impacts. This is because there are many moving parts inside, mainly the read/write head and the magnetic platter. The mechanism is similar to a record player in which the platter stores the data, and the read/write is the “needle” that accesses this data.

A hard drive may also die if it’s in use for multiple years.  As this prolong usage weakens its parts causing it to go kaput.

  • Strange clicking/grinding noises
  • Sudden system restarts/freezes
  1. Human Error

Human error is another significant risk that can lead to hard drive failure. Such errors, unfortunately, are unavoidable. Some typical examples of these include accidentally modifying the registry files of the system, installing a new OS in a wrong manner, deleting the system files, etc.

  • System restarts constantly
  • Blue Screen of Death (BSOD) error

What’s the Solution?

In hard-disk issues like data corruption, formatting, etc. you can quickly recover the data using a specialized hard drive recovery software. However, when the problem is hardware-related, then you need the help of a professional hard drive recovery services provider such as Stellar.

Professional Hard Drive Recovery Services

Stellar is an ISO 9001:2008 & ISO 27001:2013 certified professional hard drive recovery services provider within Bangladesh. The reason why its services are highly reliable is that it follows a slew of industrial norms for a safe and successful data recovery.

Only a few data recovery service providers can boast of having a class 100 clean room lab which Stellar has. It’s specialized with a highly-controlled environment that limits the intake of dust particles or pollutants. This kind of atmosphere is vital for a data recovery specialist to open a hard drive in and perform the data recovery process. Otherwise, opening any hard drive in a normal environment can lead to permanent data loss.

Why Stellar Data Recovery Bangladesh ?

The majority of low-priced service providers overlook the significance of state-of-the-art industrial tools and software, and most don’t even have a safe recovery lab where they can open a hard drive for the data recovery process. That’s not the case with Stellar. It’s the supreme brand in the data recovery industry because of the following features:

  • 2 Million+ Satisfied Customers
  • In-Lab Data Recovery Service Provider
  • Strong Presence in USA, Europe & Asia
  • World Class Infrastructure of Class 100 Clean Room Labs
  • Risk-Free, Privacy Ensured
  • Microsoft Gold ISV Partner
  • ISO/IEC 27001 & ISO 9001 certified
  • No Recovery, No Charge Policy
  • Accurate, Efficient and Reliable
  • 35000+ Data Recovery Jobs Annually

Hence, a successful data recovery requires a team of skilled data recovery specialists, right tools and technology, and a class 100 clean room lab is an absolute must! Stellar can proudly boast of fulfilling all these requirements.
It’s only because of this strong foundation that it offers the “No recovery, no charge policy” with confidence. Thus, you don’t have to pay anything for the services if they fail to recover the data.

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