Pen Drive is not Visible in my Computer

“One fine day, Sam plugged in a pen device (carrying years of data) into his computer and realized that pen drive is not visible. He unplugged the device and inserted it again, but nothing changed. ”

Reasons Why Pen Drive is not Visible on the Computer?

It’s a problem not known by many people and occurs rarely, but when it does, people often think that the pen drive is damaged. While this could be one of the reasons, there are so many other possibilities for it. Whether the USB does not show in the operating system’s disk management or device manager, the following reasons can also be responsible:

• There is a problem with the USB port, which resists computer in reading the pen drive
• There is an issue with the pen drive, due to which USB port is not able to support its scanning
• Pen drive isn’t properly formatted; factors could be many
• The pen drive is dead due to physical or any other damage

Troubleshooting Methods to Resolve the Error

Often when a pen drive stops working, people assume that it will no longer work and dump it in the trash. That should not be the case. Next time, when you face this issue and pen drive is not visible on your system, look for the following things before drawing a conclusion (especially when it contains precious data, which is not saved anywhere else):

1. Check it on the Different USB port

While that is one of the most natural instincts of human beings – to try to connect an electronic device in the other socket if it’s not working in one – we sometimes draw conclusions before even trying. If this does not work, you can eliminate the first probability from the above-mentioned factors.

2. Rename Drive Letter in Disk Management

A second thing would be to try and resolve the issue through disk management. If your pen drive is not visible in ‘Removable Drive,’ rename the ‘Drive Letter’ assigned earlier to it in the disk manager. Follow these steps:

  • Go to Search Panel > Create and Format Disk Partitions > Disk Management
  • Right-click on the drive which you want to rename, and then select ‘Change Drive Letter and Paths…’
  • If your drive already has an allocated letter, rename it, if not, assign a letter to it.
  • Restart your Computer once you’ve followed the mentioned steps. While this would troubleshoot any minor issue, you need to remove this as one of the causes if the pen drive is still not visible.

3. Check if there’s any Trouble with the USB Driver

It is very crucial that there has to be streamlined communication between the USB driver and computer for things to work properly. USB Driver works as a medium of communication between the pen drive and computer. If a driver is corrupted or out of date, the computer will not be able to communicate with the pen drive. You can follow these steps to check the status of the USB Driver:

  • Open a Run dialog box and type devmgmt.msc
  • In Device Manager, look for listed USB driver
  • If USB Driver has a yellow exclamation mark to it, there is a problem with the driver. Right-click on the device and click on ‘Properties.’
    ‘Properties’ window will show an error with the problem stopping the driver to function properly
  • If your driver is missing a component or has gone out of date, you can fix it by downloading a driver compatible with your OS or try to Update Driver from Device Manager.
    You can roll back to the previous version of the driver; this will remove the latest update that might have stopped the driver to function properly.

What to do if the Pen Drive is Still not Visible?

While the above-mentioned steps might resolve temporary glitches hampering the proper functioning of the device, professional help is the last resort if the pen drive is not visible. As some people opt to reformat flash/pen drive, you might want to consult recovery services in the local market to recover crucial data from it.
Let us stop you right there. We are sure that you are aware of the concept of Data Breach, but there are more things to worry if data matters to you more than anything. We have listed them right below for your perusal:
1. Local recovery shops might not be able to recover all of your data
2. They might not be able to recover at all, leaving the device permanently damaged
3. They might use local software to recover files and corrupt data
4. They might recover data in an uncontrolled environment
5. They might leak your files unintentionally or intentionally; data breach as well as data theft

Don’t fret! We have got it all figured out for you. Stellar data recovery Bangladesh is a leading Data Recovery service provider which promises secure, reliable, guaranteed and transparent recovery facilities. With a presence across 190 countries, we have helped more than 3 million customers in retaining lost data. Our team of more than R & D experts has developed advanced software and technologies and gathered expertise to recover data even from a dead device.

How can you Avail Stellar Pen Drive Recovery Services?

Customers always come first for us! That’s why all you need to do is call in for drop the device at any branch. Additionally, Stellar has adopted a four-step procedure for providing successful and hassle-free data recovery services to its customers.

1. Free phone consultation – Call on the helpline number to receive guidance on how to proceed.
2. Media analysis – Let the experts analyze your device to know the cause of damage, the scope of recovery and the cost of recovery.
3. Data recovery & Verification – Once we receive consent from the customer we proceed with data recovery. We share the details of data recovered with the client to verify.
As the client verifies we proceed with the final step. In case we are unable to recover data as asked by the client, we will not charge a single penny. We adhere to the “No Recovery – No Charge” Policy.
4. Data delivery – The client gets their data in a new device either provided by them or us.

Stellar data recovery a leading name in data recovery services, we have catered to millions of individuals and businesses across the globe. Data is precious and we always ask our clients to maintain back up of data. However, in unforeseen circumstances, Stellar is here to help recover your lost data.

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