Recovering Data from a Physically Damaged SD Card

A lot of portable electronic devices such as mobile phones, laptops, and cameras use SD cards. SD card or a Security Digital card is where we store additional information. We use SD cards on mobile devices like digital cameras and smartphones. Unlike their physical appearance, these SD cards are capable of storing several gigabytes of data. The SD card is an easy way to transfer & store information. One good point is that it’s a non-volatile solution and does not need a power source to keep the data. These cards have capacities ranging anywhere from 2 GB to 512 GB and beyond. So, it’s clear we store a lot of information on the SD cards. Have you wondered if this SD card is damaged? What about the data on your SD card? Read on to find out to recover data from damaged SD card.

What Should You Do If Your SD Card is Damaged?

SD cards are susceptible to damage because they are so small and delicate. Physical damage is the most common type that affects these cards and leads to data deletion or loss.

Physical Damage of SD Cards-

SD cards can get physically damaged due to reasons such as:

  • Contact with water.
  • Exposure to dust and sunlight.
  • External cracking, chipping or breakage.
  • Electrical short circuits when you insert the card into the device.

The structure of the SD card is to protect themselves against external factors. If your card is not functioning, then the chances are that the extent of damage is beyond what is discernible by the eye.
It may so happen that when you insert your SD card into your device. It either doesn’t respond, or you get a message asking you to format your card.

What to do When Your SD Card is Corrupt?

SD Cards can also become corrupted. To identify damage on your SD card, there are some warning signs to watch out for. These are:

  • The card being unrecognized by the device.
  • Distortion of files within the folder.
  • The disappearance of files that stored on the card.

If any of the above happens to you, then remember that you should not attempt to repair it by yourself. As it could be catastrophic and lead to permanent data loss.
The best solution to recover data from a damaged SD card is to seek the help of data recovery service providers. One such data recovery providers in Bangladesh is Stellar Data Recovery.

Why Should You Choose Stellar?

You may be wondering why should Stellar be your go-to solution. Stellar provides practical data recovery solutions for damaged SD cards.

Damaged SD card Recovery

For SD card recovery in Bangladesh, Stellar is the place to go. Stellar data recovery is the first and only ISO 27001 and ISO 9001 certified data recovery organisation in Bangladesh. The team comprises of highly skilled and experienced professionals. Who takes care of your storage media device and recover data with success.

Stellar’s Recovery Services

At Stellar, confidentiality and reliability is the top priority. With the help of the data recovery specialists at Stellar. You can get back all the data that you lost while enjoying the following benefits:

  • Data recovery from all types of memory cards such as SDHC cards, Micro SD Cards, SDXC cards, etc.
  • Advance customer service experience that will assist you in achieving the best results within the desired period.
  • Secure storage of all the recovered data to maintain privacy.
  • Quick and complete restoration of all types of photos, videos, and documents.
  • No Recovery No Charge Policy, when recovery is not possible.

Further, you can also select the files that you want to recover in case there is something specific you are looking for. Also, you don’t need to worry about data safety and security. We are Stellar are particular about safety & confidentiality of customers’ data. Once our engineer’s complete data recovery from damaged SD card. We proceed with data encryption. This is to ensure the data is safe & secure.

Wrapping Up…

While it can be stressful dealing with damaged SD cards, it is something that can happen even to the best of us. Taking a backup of your data is a standard solution but, this may not be workable every single time. Next time you have a damaged SD Card, you don’t need to worry about your data getting lost forever.
All you need to do is contact Stellar to get the best and most trusted data recovery service for your device. Now store your data on your SD card with confidence because Stellar will be readily available at your service whenever you need them.

SD card is a popular storage media device. In case of damage in SD card, we urge to take appropriate actions. What’s more, it is essential that you take regular back up of your data from SD card.

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