Stellar Hard Disk Recovery in Bangladesh

Professional Hard Disk Recovery Services in Bangladesh

Digital evolution has been challenging the world to transform, advance and revolutionize strategically. While humans became adaptable to the new changes and developed kinds of software to simplify manual methods. The technology faced corruption, errors, virus attacks and a lot more logical issues, apart from physical damage.

As for the logical damage, experts recover data with the help of software. But if a hard disk has suffered physical damage – data cannot be recovered without professional hard disk recovery services. Let’s discuss what factors lead to physical damage of a hard drive. But before that, let’s have a look at the type of disks that might require hard disk data recovery services:

  • Parallel Advanced Technology Attachment (PATA)
  • Serial ATA (SATA)
  • Small Computer System Interface (SCSI)
  • Solid State Drives (SSD)

Here are few of the factors which can be responsible for hard disk failure, and thus data loss:


An overheating of hard disks essentially arises from many factors upsetting the normal functioning of devices. Every electronic device releases a certain amount of heat as it operates. Likewise, a central processing unit (CPU) emits heat from the processor, graphics card and hard disk. But it also features built-in fans that thrust heat out of the system and help maintain balanced settings within the device. However, if any of the components stop functioning properly (whether due to technical glitches or physical damage or power outage or corruption). It raises the temperature of the device to more than usual, and sometimes, resulting in overheating of hard disks.

Power Failure or Fluctuations

By now you must be aware of the function of a hard disk; it records every inch of data that you save on the computer. Suppose, the disk is in the process of writing data in a partition and power goes out for some reason. A fluctuation in voltage can not only hamper the data saving process, but it can lead to permanent failure of the hard drive. The same can also happen if there are voltage failures when the disk is in use.

Data Corruption

Data corruption in a hard disk can occur due to the smallest responsible factor – Abrupt shutdowns, virus intrusion, and installation of corrupted files and damaged software.  As hard drive is crucial to the existence of your data, any corruption – no matter how small – is threatening. Sometimes, certain incidents lead to corruption of hard disk and cause data loss.

Physical Damage

Most people correlate physical damage with noticeable damage, i.e. broken in parts or whole (in pieces),

  • Water damage,
  • Accidental dropping of the hard disk,
  • Natural disasters etc.

Other visible physical wear and tear. But there are times when people might not know what caused a hard drive to stop working. They often misread it as any of the factors for hard disk failure.

While the above reasons define the various causes of hard disk failure, DIY solutions are limited and rarely successful. Invariably discussed by technology experts, people often resort to ineffective measures because they are low-priced.  That being said, while data loss due to logical issues can be recovered using trusted software. Physical cases as above should always be resolved with the help of professional hard disk recovery.

Stellar has been in data recovery services for the last 25 years; since its foundation in the year of 1993. While it has helped so many people across the world for years – using in-house developed software and data recovery technologies. It also extended its services in Bangladesh and opened a branch last year.

Hard disk recovery is a grave process, which cannot be done by novices. Any hard disk device with inaccessible data should onAll Inclusive ly be recovered via these two methods:

  1. Using Stellar Data Recovery Software
  2. Seeking Professional Services at StellarClass 100 Clean Room - Stellar

While most of the damages cannot be detected until the hard disk is checked by experts. Data recovery from hard disk should not be performed out of a balanced environment. Stellar branch in Bangladesh is one among such places. Apart from R & D engineers that closely work and invent recovery techniques/technologies/ software, it also has the Class 100 Clean Room Laboratory.

Why the Existence of Class 100 Clean Room Lab is Essential for Hard Disk Recovery?

  • Advanced temperature, humidity, pressure and contaminant controlled environment
  • Temperature controlled environment, necessary for opening the hard disk
  • Less than 100 dust particles of size 0.5 microns

Stellar has secure networks that are compliant with SSAE 16 type II standards, which promise data privacy and security. Stellar Data Recovery Services has been highly praised for its excellent services across the globe. Bangladesh is new and it hopes to add more value to the 25-year old data care services.

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