When Should Data Recovery be your Top Priority?

People store and will continue to store their data on electronic storage devices but data loss accidents happen unexpectedly. The reason for data loss can vary, some cases require the help of professional data recovery service provider. This blog explains when to approach a data recovery service provider and how to avoid permanent data loss.

Data is very critical in today’s information era. From our day-to-day communication to critical work-related documents, data holds an essential place in our work and personal life. Due to some reasons, if this data becomes inaccessible or is lost, it can create a situation of chaos. In this situations, recovering the data in a safe and unharmed condition as quickly as possible becomes an utmost priority as any delay can further damage the data beyond the scope of recovery.

We have covered some errors and incidents in which you should immediately take measure to get your data back, leaving everything else for later.

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Now coming back to the errors, here are a few when data recovery becomes the topmost priority:

  1. Blue Screen of Death
  2. Bad Storage Device Sectors
  3. Physical Damage to Hardware Components
  4. Accidental Deletion
  5. System Malfunction

Blue Screen of Death (BSOD)

Blue Screen of Death is one of the most dreaded errors that an everyday computer user can come across. Depending on the reason causing BSOD, either your system OS can be having problems or there might be some damage or incompatibility within hardware components.

The first step to deal with this problem should be to check for data corruption as it can be easily damaged with further usage. If there is data loss or corruption of any kind, then you should immediately get hold of a reputed data recovery service.

Bad Sectors in Hard Drives

Bad Sectors occur in hard drives which can cause data to be inaccessible to the user. The data on the rest of drive remains unaffected, however, if the bad sectors increase that the drive is completely unusable.

Please note- Bad sectors cannot be repaired.

In case you are facing issues opening or using some files/applications, you may want to run the CHKDSK command and check for errors yourself first. Bad sectors can lead to corruption of data and thereby render the data on the drive inaccessible to the uses.

There are two types of bad sectors that can cause data loss –  logical/soft bad sectors and physical/hard bad sectors.

To prevent your data from getting damaged beyond repair or to stop its corruption from spreading, you need to contact data recovery services at once instead of trying it yourself which may cause more harm.

Physical Damage to Hardware Components

Storage devices especially hard drives are fragile, and any damage to the drive can affect the working of the hard drive.  To ensure the best chances of data retrieval from the damaged drive, you need to take help of professional data recovery experts.

Many users try to run software utilities on the damaged drive; it often causes extensive damage to the drive. To avoid permanent loss of data seek the help of experts.

Accidental Deletion

This is probably the most common reason behind data loss. Many users, habitually, send files to the recycle bin instead of permanently deleting them. But sometimes, you may end up emptying the recycle bin accidentally or permanently deleting the files by mistake.

In either case, you need to contact a data recovery company as soon as you have made this error. Delaying it can cause the storage sectors consisting that data to be overlapped by new data which can make data recovery nearly impossible.

System Malfunction

Due to one reason or other, often our computer system doesn’t work as it should. There are many things which can cause the system or certain applications to work improperly, such as virus infections, improperly installed applications, etc.

In case your system starts behaving abnormally or is causing problems, then you need to take care of data recovery soon after you repair the issue. The smart thing would be to seek assistance from a professional data recovery company instead of taking risks yourself.

How to Recover Lost Data?

Stellar Data Recovery provides various recovery services which can help you recover your critical data. With Stellar, your data and storage media is entirely safe. Depending on the situation that leads to data loss, Stellar first identify the right type of recovery procedure which can be:

  • Logical Recovery:
    In the cases such as accidentally deleted data, virus/malware affected data, etc., data recovery can be done with the use of the right software and programming knowledge.
  • Physical Recovery:
    When there is physical damage to the storage media such as a broken device, scratches on boot sectors, etc., hardware repair and extensive data recovery are required.
data recovery - stellar data recovery bd

A hard drive recovery in Class 100 Clean Room Lab

In some cases, data loss is both logical and physical, such cases require attention and one should opt for professional data recovery services.  Those are the incidences which demand the most intensive care along with careful evaluation and recovery.

Here’s an overview of the data recovery process:-

  1. You submit your device to Stellar’s data recovery Dhaka center.
  2. Their team of experts analyzes the device and consult with you on its state and potential recovery.
  3. Upon your approval, a team of technicians starts the data recovery process, ensuring maximum data recovery from your device.
  4. The customer verifies the data. Your data is completely safe with us and its confidentiality intact in all circumstances.
  5. Finally, you can pick up your device and the recovered data upon the payment of due recovery charges.

Why Choose Stellar Data Recovery Bangladesh?

Stellar has set up Class 100 Clean Room Labs at our Dhaka branch for efficient hard drive data recovery processes. Having Class 100 clean room labs ensures the best safety environment for the hard drive. Stellar is the top data recovery service provider and recognized all over the world because of the following:

  • Over 2 Million Satisfied Customers
  • No Recovery, No Charge Policy
  • Accurate, Efficient, and Reliable service since 1993
  • 35,000+ Data Recovery Jobs Annually
  • World Class Infrastructure of Class 100 Clean Room Labs
  • Completely Risk-Free, Privacy Guaranteed
  • Strong Presence in the USA, Europe, and Asia
  • ISO/IEC 27001 & ISO 9001 certified company

You don’t have to pay anything if we fail to recover your data.

Stellar provides custom data recovery solutions in Bangladesh to businesses as per their requirements.

Give us a call at (02) 5515 3575 for more information or visit our Dhaka Office.

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