You just returned from a long-awaited trip with your family. Now it's time to re-live the picturesque scenery again through the photos and video which you shot with great care.

You picked up the phone and tried downloading the pictures and video...but wait, something is wrong. You can't find any photos or videos! Anyone's heart would sink at this point. After hours of trying different things, you finally realize that the culprit is the SD card in your camera.

In today's digital world, when everyone is going paperless, SD card failures can be a scary and costly affair. Let's find out the signs of SD card failure.

SSD Data Recovery

How to find if the SD card has failed?

The SD card has failed if you experience any one or more symptoms mentioned below -

  • Can't see any photos in the SD card or see only black frames in place of photos.
  • Can see the photos and videos in your camera as well as PC but can't copy them.
  • The computer is reading the card, but you can't see any photos or videos.
  • When trying to read the content of the card from the PC, either it does not show or you can't open any folder and get an error message - 'Read/Write Error on SD Card.'
  • Cannot add/delete/save anything to the card.
  • A black screen appears with the message 'SD card is not accessible.'

Common causes of SD card failure

SD cards provide the most convenient mode for data storage and retrieval at high speed at an affordable cost. It is no wonder that they are now present in almost every electronic device. They are prone to damages and data corruption, making the data potentially inaccessible. Some of the common reasons for SD card Failure are :

SSD Data Recovery

1. Improper Handling
SD cards are small and delicate storage device s. They can get damaged easily. They should be kept in proper cases when stored outside the device. When inserting and removing the card from Phone or Camera the users should be extremely careful.

2. Bad Sectors in the Card
SD cards develop bad sectors because of usage and as well as because of its Read and Write Cycle. With increased usage the bad sectors increase and the card will stop working.

3. Error while Formatting
Ensure when you are formatting the SD card, the process is error free. If there are interruptions when formatting the card or if the process is not done correctly. The card can be corrupted and the data cannot be recovered.

4. Malware Attack
Malware or virus attacks on the mobile or other storage devices can also make data on the card inaccessible.

5. File System Damage
If these is a damage to the file system of the SD card, then the data is inaccessible. The users' needs to use file system repair utility to fix this issue.

6. External Factors
The device and the memory card must be protected from moisture and excessive heat. If the card is exposed to a lot of dust, moisture or excessive heat, its performance will get affected. You may eventually end up with a dead or physically damaged SD Card. If it is exposed to electrostatic discharge, the card will get damaged.

7. Damaged Card Slot
In order to read the data from a card, the card slot also needs to function properly. If there is any damage to the card slot, you won't be able to read the data from the card. To check this, try inserting the card in another slot or another device.

8. Poor Quality or Manufacturing Defects
The market is flooded with many brands of SD cards at a varying price range. Care should be taken while buying the cards to ensure good quality to avoid manufacturing defects.

SD Card Recovery

All of us store precious photos, videos, music, messages, and documents in our tiny SD cards. Let's admit, most of us are not good at backing up the data regularly. So waking up one morning to find out our little storage companion is dead is a very likely scenario. Fortunately, there are ways to recover lost data and to revive our friend back to life, but there is no guarantee.

Some fixes you can try to recover the lost data from undetected, accidentally formatted or damaged SD cards are explained below:

1. Try Different Card Readers
If your smartphone or camera is not detecting the card, try connecting the SD card to your laptop or another card reader. If there is any compatibility issue in the device or the slot is bad. Then the card should work with another reader or laptop.

2. Try chkdsk Command
Connect the card to a computer, go to devices/drives, locate the SD card and note down its drive letter. Now run the command prompt on the computer and type 'chkdsk h:/ f' where h is the drive's letter and press 'Enter'.

The chkdsk command will scan the card for any issues and repair it. Follow the subsequent messages. After the scanning is complete, check the SD card if the issue has been resolved.

3. Assign a New Drive Letter
Connect the card to the PC. If the system does not assign a new drive letter to the SD card, this means that the system is not able to read the card. To resolve this error, assign a new drive letter to the connected SD card through the operating system settings. You might need to restart the computer and connect the card again to apply the changes. Check if the system is now able to read the card.

4. Disable and Enable the SD card
Connect the card to the computer. Go to 'Device Manager'. Select the card, right click on it and select 'Disable'. Wait for a couple of minutes and then 'Enable' the card again. You may have to restart the computer to apply the changes. Check if the card is working now.

SSD Data Recovery

5. Use SD Card Recovery Software
To recover the lost data and files from your smartphone or camera, you can use SD card recovery software. Efficient recovery tools available online can help you restore the data from the SD card. These tools might not work in case of physical damage.

If none of the above works, then ask about our award-winning Stellar Data Recovery Service

You tried all of the above fixes, but nothing helped. Do not lose hope, as our SD Card Recovery Service can help you recover valuable data. SD cards irrespective of the reason for failure we can recover your data. Our data recovery services have built-in tools, a team of highly skilled data recovery professionals with extensive experience and world-class, cutting-edge technology.

Tips to prevent data loss from SD card

Prevention is always better than cure. Please use the following tips to prevent data loss from your SD card:

  • Regularly backup the data from the card on another device so in case of SD card failure, you can easily recover the lost data.
  • Use anti-virus software to protect your device and SD card from malware attacks.
  • Never remove the card while in use.
  • Keep your card in a dust free and dry area.
  • Buy SD cards from trusted brands.
  • Do not change the SD card when the camera is on.

Losing data due to a SD card failure is not a pleasant experience. Following the above tips and using a good quality SD card can prevent such incidents. However, if you do get into this unpleasant situation, our award-winning Stellar SD card Recovery Services with a 95% success rate can help you safely recover your valuable data.


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