How Trustworthy is your Data Recovery Service Provider?

Trust, isn't something which you can build in a day.

Neither you can buy trust in the market, nor can you demand from someone.

Trust has to be earned, build and preserved through every single act, over the years. It's your year's hard work, which results in trust over the years.

Webster defines it as "a firm belief in the reliability, truth, or ability of someone or something".

Simple words and yet something that has become a rarity in current times...

There is a massive deficit in trust these days, and we have been very cautious in selecting trustworthy people in our lives. Friends, relatives, colleagues, we don't trust all of them.

More often we hear about, "Can I trust...." than actually "I completely trust..."

We are selective while choosing a plumber, or a mechanic who walk into our homes to fix things. We go through all checkpoints like reading reviews or checking ratings to assure we have a trustworthy person for the job.

Why? Because, we don't trust anyone blindly.

But what about your next street computer repair guy, whom you hand over your personal computer to get it fixed?

Do you completely trust him? Or is there a Trust Deficit in those who have your data with them!

You don't hand over your wallet, or locker keys to someone unknown. Can you risk of handing over your data to someone whom you don't know?

Your answer will be "NO".

Sadly, something that should be the norm has always been a rarity... Trust...

So, in 1993, when we decided to start Stellar Data Recovery, our goal was to provide trustworthy & reliable data recovery service provider, whom you can trust.

And after a quarter of a decade, stellar has established itself as a brand whom customers can trust with their critical data. This trust comes from our unprejudiced approach to every lost data case which are dear to our customer. However, there are still millions of customers who are yet to experience our services, and then there is the constant effort from our end to ensure that we live up to the expectations that our current customers have put in us.

And we promise that every member of Stellar Data Recovery Team is committed to doing everything we can to maintain this trust.

Why you can Trust Stellar Data Recovery with your Data?

We are not Street Local Vendor you Encounter in a Local Market!

We are Bangladesh's leading Data Recovery Company, with an in-house research and development team, that has delivered most updated new technology to recover data from simple to complex cases for 25 years now!

We are not the computer repair of a local service provider who encourages you to hand over your device to them for data recovery, who claim to have proper infrastructure and technology to recover your data, but behind the walls, they play with your data. You need a professional service provider like us, only if you care about your data.

We are not just Another Data Recovery company/shop out there!

Hard Drives Spare Transplantation

In addition to recovering precious old memories and critical data for our customers, we also have the best infrastructure, best processes and procedures with expert technicians and software to make sure your data is safe and secure within the organisation. We are completely transparent; you can visit us anytime and see how we process your job inside the lab. We are the only ISO 27001 and ISO 9001 certified organisation in Bangladesh. Not the one who claim on papers to be ISO certified, but the ones who practices ISO guidelines inside our data recovery operations. In short, we are here to ensure that you get your precious data back with peace of mind.

So, here are some of the reasons why you could Trust Stellar Data Recovery as well...

We are Bangladesh's first data recovery service company, and we're here to stay for a long time! Stellar can proudly boast of experienced research & development team who have developed numerous data recovery software's. These proprietary software can recover data from different kind of storage devices in various conditions. So, in addition to the expected recovery of your data, we ensure your data is safe & secure within our organisation. We serve over 35,000+ jobs in a year from our different recovery centers and have helped millions of customer worldwide in recovering their precious data in the past. We have by far best success rate in the industry in recovering the data.

Your Satisfaction is guaranteed...

Our data recovery service comes with 100% money back policy. We work on No Recovery- No charge policy*. Which means if we do not recover data specified by you, it's on us. We will give you enough time to verify your retrieved data.

If you do not get the desired results, all you need to do is to get in touch with us. We will refund your amount that you have paid; it's our promise.

Your Secure Data Recovery is our GOAL

Over the past 25 years, we've expanded our reach to 15 cities across Bangladesh, thus bridging the gap between you and us. We understand that before giving us your storage device, you would like to visit our centre. You can walk in to check our data recovery processes and data security measures. In short, we've moved by leaps and bounds towards achieving our goal to be "trusted data recovery service provider".

There's still a long way to go but rest assured that each and every change we make would be towards recovering your data... safely and securely.

Nothing but the Best for You
Class 100 Clean Room Lab

Stellar Data Recovery has invested heavily in setting up right infrastructure, two and half decades, and thousands of working hours, to become No. 1 Data Recovery Company in South Asia. A professional data recovery company which you can trust. We have the best technicians and best technology for data recovery, thus ensuring that we recover your data from almost all kind of storage devices in worst conditions. Our technicians have a combined experience of over 300 years & are trained to handle all kind of data recovery cases. The quality team ensures that there is no compromise with the data security, quality of service and you get the best service from all our data recovery centres.

We continue to invest in training and new technology to make sure Stellar Data Recovery is a brand you can count on, and trust enough to recommend it to your friends and family.

Diversity of Customer and Jobs

We receive over 35,000+ jobs in our data recovery centres across globe. Corporate houses, SME, non-profit agencies, Govt. bodies, local computer repair shop and individual customers, all kind of customer audience rely on us for professional assistance on data recovery.

We recover data from all kind of storage devices including hard drive, SSDs, memory cards/pen drives, RAID servers, SAN, NAS etc. Our physical presence across South Asian markets (India & Bangladesh), makes it easier for customers to contact us easily. We offer free pickup service for your drive from your doorstep. To ensure that top rated data recovery service in Bangladesh is easily accessible to you.

Solution for all kind of devices in all situations

Stellar Data Recovery understands inside out of all kind of storage devices and have capability of recovering your data from all kind of storage devices from any type of data loss situation.

Stellar has a friendly customer service team, who will not only assist you with a regular update on your job but will also recommend you good practices to follow, to avoid data loss scenarios.

Therefore, by seeing our top-level services, our customers always feel very confident in sending their drives for recovery.


High success rate, state of the art lab infrastructure, certified Class 100 clean room lab, & 25 years' experience adds credibility to our name. We have the capability of processing multiple jobs at a time; our engineers work day in day out to ensure maximum data chances of data recovery.

Skilled engineers, availability of humongous spare inventory, allows us to process a job and recover data from any situations sets us apart locally as well as nationally. We have a complete international standard setup for data recovery. We specialize in recovering data from all kind of hard drives; all make and model and manufacturers.

Proven Track Record of 25 Years in Data Recovery

Stellar Data Recovery founded in 1993 has a successful track record of more than 2 decades in data recovery services. We're top-rated Data Recovery Company. We have served over 3 million + customer worldwide in last 25 years.

We pack a team of consummate and customer-oriented professionals ensuring you get the best recovery services in the country. You know who to approach in case of data recovery emergency- Stellar Data Recovery.

Recover data quickly, efficiently and without commitment, Call Right Away for Free Consultation at any of our branches.


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